Poolside is focused around a substantial subterranean space meticulously detailed to capture the emotive movement of water and the refraction of light and sound. This artful melding of materials resonates with movement, tone, volume, submersion, texture and reflection. The lap pool looks like it is carved from natural stone. The battered walls weep with trickling water and creates a grotto-like shimmer that reflects off the ceiling.

The simple new extension appears to burrow into the landscape to create an 'eyelid' encompassed by rolling grass and draped ivy. Large, automated glass panes retract into wall cavities and disappear to create a seamless link between inside and out. The private southern courtyard beyond the pool is celebrated with an oversized concrete bowl that resonates with the sound of moving water.

The formality of the existing floor plan had been reinvigorated by the careful integration and insertion of innovative contemporary spaces and textures to transform this residence into a modern family home.

The design of the home theatre, games room, family room, house bar and bedrooms explore careful attention to detail.


Photography Jean-Luc Laloux

Builder Krongold Constructions

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