This practice gives protection of your privacy and personal information a high priority.

This practice's policies are designed to comply with all state and national legislation, in particular the National Privacy Principles.

This practices commits to:

Only collecting information about you with your knowledge and consent;

Being fair and open in the way we collect the information, and only collecting information actually required in the course of our dealing with you;

Retaining your information in a secure environment and only providing essential information to our agents or service providers for the purpose of conducting our business or services with you;

Not sharing or selling your information to any third party for marketing purposes and not releasing information unless required by law to do so;

Allowing you access to the personal information held about you and you may advise us if you think any information is incomplete, inaccurate or out-of-date;

Where possible, satisfying your requirements by amending information that you may consider incomplete, in accurate or out-of-date;

If you require, allowing you to deal with the architectural practice anonymously wherever practical;

Providing you with a copy of our Privacy Policy if you require it; and

Explaining the reasons for collecting information, how we use it and the consequences of not having the information required.


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